Friday, September 12, 2008

Candidates to the Rescue

Bad Economy Tops Voters Minds, survey says.

So, unemployment escalates, inflation irritates, the dollar dissipates, the Fed hesitates ... and the candidates have a plan! (one per capita, of course)

The McCain/Palin Jobs for America Plan zeros in on workplace flexibility, relief for families, government reform, supporting small businesses, cheap and clean energy, better health care, simpler and fairer taxes, and lower barriers to trade.
(Quite a few famous economists like the plan... or maybe they are angling for a job.)

The Obama/Biden Plan to Strengthen the Economy covers jumpstarting the economy, middle-class tax relief, trade, job creation, small businesses, labor, homeownership, credit card debt, bankruptcy laws, and work/family balance.
(Haven't found the Dem economists' endorsement -- must be out there somewhere.)

But not only the candidates care about the candidates' plans. Here are two very Republican views, one on the McCain economic plan and on the Obama economic plan.
(Let me know if you read similar assessments from the Dem side.)

Nevertheless, here's advice to economics majors: know more econ than McCain

Finally, two pieces, one harsh on Obama, but rather readable; and another more favorable to him.

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